Selecting in his archive the photographs that portray Letizia Battaglia, Franco Zecchin recalls a woman who meant a great deal in his life, an outstanding photographer who with him was the witness of a terrible era, offering a moving, delicate and intimate vision.[…]     It is a kind of diary but also the portrait in movement of a special woman who turned every instant of her existence into a novel.

          Roberto Andò


The images composing this volume retrace private and public moments shared with Letizia Battaglia from the 70s to the beginning of the 90s: theatre, music, the activities inside psychiatric hospital, friendships, festivals, the interest in contemporary artistic creation. While maintaining our own personalities and our approach to reality, complementary but not identical, we trained in photography together and through it.

In this moment, in which Letizia is no longer with us, but her public presence endures and her image is used often in ways that do not reflect who she was, this volume wants to pay homage to her as a person, with her weaknesses, contradictions, her will power and ideals.

           Franco Zecchin

Letizia, preface by Roberto Andò – 2023, Softcover, Bilingual: Italian/English 12×17 cm, 45 pages ISBN: 9788831363488  Postcart